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Laws version: BETA

1. Introduce eJahan:

eJahan game is own by cyberrepublik company. The main location of the company is in Canada.

These laws are between yourself as a citizen and eJahan for use of website and services. You must read them carefully and accept them. You must fill the checkbox "I accept the laws of eJahan" on your registration page of eJahan. If you don't accept the laws, you cannot use the game.

1-1. Titles in this laws:

1-1-1. User: Any person in the REAL WORLD.

1-1-2. Citizen: The user that has an account in eJahan.

1-2. Law types:

There are 3 types of laws in eJahan:

♦♦♦: These laws are eJahan's base laws. Outrage of these laws will affect to a permanent ban.

♦♦: These laws are eJahan's 2nd priority laws. Outrage of these laws will affect to a temporarily ban (from 1 day to a week).

♦: These laws are eJahan's 3rd priority laws. Outrage of these laws will affect to a warning or violation points.

1-3. Copyright: eJahan is a trademark of PC7 Group. All of the contents used in the game have copyrights from PC7 group. Any foreign use of them is prohibited.


♦♦♦ 2. eJahan's relation with the real world:

All of the titles in eJahan (e.g. Congressman, President, Company Manager and ...) are some virtual titles and they have values only in eJahan. eJahan is not related with ANY TYPE OF POLITICAL GROUP in the real world.


♦♦♦ 3. Age limitation:

Users of eJahan must be 12 years old or more. Every citizen younger than this age cannot play the game at all. If we detect that a citizen have less than 12 years old, the citizen will permanently banned.


♦♦♦ 4. Account limitations:

Citizen names and avatars cannot contain rude, pornography, racist or anything related. We'll close any account that used these contents.

Every user must have only one account in eJahan. Multiple accounts are banned permanently. We use some information to detect multiple accounts. IP address is not considered as a proof for multiple accounts Also, you must provide a real email address in your registration. Any use of mail forwarders and fake email addresses is prohibited.


♦♦♦ 5. Logging in:

Every citizen must login with the form placed on the main page. Using any 3rd parity software/website to logging in to eJahan is prohibited and will result a permanent ban.


♦♦♦ 6. Ownership:

The account, money and resources of a citizen are owned by eJahan. Users cannot sell, rent and exchange them with another user (loan agreements are allowed). We reserve our rights to close any account that have suspicious transfers to another. Donating a huge amount of money without any legal loan agreement is an example for these suspicious transfers. Also, the money in every country's treasury must be used for that country for two months. Any Political Take Over and steal money from treasury in countries with an age of less than two months is prohibited.

6-1. Trying to sell/buy Tala with outside materials will have a result of vio points.

6-2. Completing trade Tala with outside materials will have a result of permanent ban.

6-3. Legal and illegal actions in spending the money in new countries treasury:

6-3-1. MASTER's decision is the first priority. MASTER can mark an action as legal or illegal

6-3-2. Actions considered as LEGAL:

6-3-2-1. Buying ONE clinic (buying more than 1 in some special cases is allowed with MASTER's approval)

6-3-2-2. Declaring war

6-3-2-3. Donating the money to national bank

6-3-2-4. Making national companies (National company is managed by national bank and the profit goes to the bank and the country)

6-3-3. Actions considered as ILLEGAL:

6-3-3-1. Donating money to another citizen in any case (Except with a VALUABLE contract)

6-3-3-2. Making irregular contracts to donate the money (e. g. long-term loan agreement)

6-3-3-3. Retreating the regions

6-3-2-4. Doing something for the country which is only needed for old countries

6-3-4. If an action was not listed in both legal and illegal actions, it's considered as ILLEGAL

6-3-5. If an action contained both legal and illegal actions, it's considered as ILLEGAL


♦♦ 7. Media:

eJahan will accept NO responsibility about the contents posted by citizens, but any article which have relations with the real world in any kind will be removed, also we can ban the writer temporarily or give him/her vio points.


♦ 8. Citizen-citizen relations:

Citizens cannot publish rude or racist content. Publishing them will result vio points.


♦♦♦ 9. Site availability and bugs:

We do not guaranty that the website is 24/7 available. We can block the website at any time to repair or update the site. We can announce the downtime in the Around eJahan newspaper or in chatbox.

Every citizen that found a bug or server exploit must report it to us. The citizen cannot use them or he/she will get permanent ban.


♦♦♦ 10. Paid services:

Ejahan is free to play, but we have some paid features for citizens who want more advantages in game. Our financial profit goes for Jesse Thomson, New Zealand and currently the payment is done by Paypal.

10-1. Payment process: We'll complete your buy process automatically whenever Paypal confirms your payment (Takes up to 30 minutes). But if your purchase was not completed and you were sure about your payment, you can contact us via contact page.

10-2. Paypal account: You must specify a valid Paypal account to buy items in eJahan Store. If you use an invalid or fake Paypal account, we'll ban your citizen account permanently.

10-2. Changing the form values: Do not change the form values when they're been sent to Payment Gateway (e. g. Price or Item number). If you change the values, we have no responsibility about your purchase and your money (Also, if we find out form value hijack, we'll ban your citizen account permanently).

10-2. Site availability: We try our best to hold the game online, but nothing is predictable. If we couldn't continue the game, you'll not receive your money back. You agree with it when you want to buy items.

11. Forums:

You can use only ENGLISH language in forums (except in Help or Regional board).


12. Advertisement:

eJahan is made by a private group, so we can place advertisements in the game in any types (e. g. Google Ads, banners, text ads or hidden frames).

13. Violation points:

Violation points will be given to abusers. Each violation lasts 14 days. Every citizen who receive 10 or more vio points will get permanent ban. We have some pre-defined vio points:

13-1. Spam: 1 vio point

13-2. Insult: 2 vio points

13-3. Public accusation: 3 vio points + 1 day temporarily ban

13-4. Trade Tala with outside material: 5 vio points + 1 day temporarily ban

13-5. Temporary ban: 1 vio point/day


14. Changes in laws:

The owners of eJahan reserve the rights to change these laws or add some parts to it at any time.